Although the name of Clajude Nolan today is noted for Cadillac and automobile dealerships, in 1919 the first Claude Nolan started the SAN JOSE COMPANY southeast of downtown Jacksonville on the east bank of the Saint Johns River.  The 1921 St. Johns River Bridge and the Florida Land Boom promoted the region.


There are two huge landmarks in this neighborhood: the SAN JOSE HOTEL (now the famous BOLLES SCHOOL) was built in 1925 at 7400 San Jose Boulevard by Marsh & Saxelbye.  The 125 room school later became a military academy and now a co-ed private school.  The complex originally had 1,135 acres.



The other notable location is EPPING FOREST at 6814 San Jose also by Marsh & Sacelbye.  The 60 acre estate of Alfred L. DuPont is now a yacht club surrounded by condos.  You can still steal a look at the 12 bedroom villa and the two-story boathouse.


The entranceway to the SAN JOSE ESTATES is the SAN JOSE GATE (1925) on the Old Dixie Highway.� Only one tower of the Marsh and Saxebye project still stands.� �The SAN JOSE ESTATES ADMINISTRATION BUILDING (1925) now serves as San Jose Episcopal Church.� The 1925 San Jose Country Club still stands at 7529 San Jose Boulevard.


Some 24 houses built in the early 1920�s represent the finest in Land Boom Mediterranean Revival styles in the DuVal County Area.��� Built in 1925-26 by O. P. Woodcock, a drive along San Jose to Via de la Reina and �Ventura Avenue will see most of them.


�7288 San Jose

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7317 San Jose

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7356 San Jose

� Fulton House��


Houses like the SWICEGOOD HOUSE (1925) at 3703 Via de la Reina were designed by O. P. Woodcock.