Henry Flagler opened up Palm Beach to the world when he brought his railroad and hotels Royal Poinsettia and Whitehall to the region, but it wasn’t until the Florida Land Boom and the Mediterranean Revival architecture of Addison Mizner that Palm Beach became the winter domain and hideaway of the very rich.


Whitehall (1901) – Henry Flagler’s marble palace for wife #2.  Beaux-Arts to the extreme. Later the front section of a lagoon-side hotel.


  The third BREAKERS HOTEL (1926) – the super resort designed by Schultze and Weaver captures the feel of Flagler’s Victorian resorts.

  Afternoon tea under the Coconut Patio palms of the Royal started the image of Palm Beach as a place of tropical glamour.



  1927-8 PARAMOUNTN THEATER by Joseph Urban

   Mizner’s first masterpiece – the EVERGLADES CLUB off Worth Avenue

  The EVERGLADES CLUB ballroom.

  WORTH AVENUE – 1924-30  One Design, One Shopping


  I took this shot very early one Saturday morning.  I walked into a music shop – there was only one other customer, but it was Rod Stewart.

  The alleyways and narrow side streets like Via Mizner have neat shops.

   MAR-A-LAGO by Joseph Urban in 1924 is now a club.  Donald Trump wondered why there were bars on some bedroom windows.  Mrs M. Post feared her daughter might be kidnapped.  She was actress Dina Merrill.

  1927 BETHESDA-by-the-SEA – 1927 Gothic Episcopal Church.

  Patio Gathering at Whitehall – This is Today not Victorian Palm Beach.

  The Colony Hotel