HERITAGE VILLAGE (Largo) Pinellas Co. Historical Society

One of the finest historical villages of restored buildings is found in Central Pinellas County. Its gems include the 1852 McMullen-Coachman log cabin and the later McMullen Homestead. Located at 11909 125th Street North, the Village has exhibits, a library, a museum, historic stores, barns, houses, churches, and schools. You could almost raise a family in Heritage Village and you might wish you could.

Heritage Village
A Complete Town

Sumner House
1896 Basic House

Gables Kitchen
1907 Cooking

1896 Bedroom
Sumner House.

The Lowe Barn
1912 Farm Center

Moore Farm
1879 Homestead

Harris School
1912 Rural

McMullen House
Farm Empire

Lowe House
1888 Homestead

1852 Log Cabin

Sulphur Springs
1924 RR Depot

Mercantile Shop
Stocked 1915Gem

PHOTOGRAPHS by Bob Leonard, Florida History Internet Center. Teachers may use the photographs but please give credit